Competition Problems up for ABS Regionals at Triangle Rock Club in Raleigh

Indeed the comp problems are up, and the few I did were awesome!

The approach to setting the problems is uncommon for the Triangle Rock Club, but this is the ABS Regionals. Each problem has a lane for itself, so the walls are sparse, but the quality makes up for any lack of quantity. The setters have done an outstanding job.

Brent from Peak Experiences in Richmond has proven his setting talent to me in the past, and he has verified my opinion of his setting with his job for the comp. His attention to detail, strive for perfection, and his enthusiasm for feedback and suggestions really made it fun for me to run a few problems which he set.

Other setters representing for the TRC are Shane, Scott, and Jeremy, they all set great problems to their usual standard.

The first thing people are going to notice when they walk in the gym are the new volumes which Scott ,"Skinny", constructed. They are large irregular pyramids, with rad patterns painted on to them. They make the gym feel totally new!

That's not even to mention all the new holds Shane has been sitting on for the past couple months...

Unfortunately for gym members, there is no climbing on the comp problems until Monday. But be certain that the wait will be worth it! The problems are totally badass, and lots of thought and care went into each one. So check out the comp on Saturday if you want to see some 12 year olds flash your future projects, then rest up and get ready to crush starting on Monday!