A Beautiful Day at Moore's Wall

Back to Moore's Wall again! This time we came back with some video! This is cool because it shows _my_ problem, LOL =), plus a few other classics. It was also one of the most beautiful days I've ever seen up there, such a clear sky, the crag looked amazing and the view of Sauratown was never more crystal clear. I LOVE MOORE'S!!!

My day ended up including the following problems:

Warm Up V2 - this problem needs a name, its on the right face next to Gymrat Kevin
Gymrat Kevin V4
New Warmup area big boulder traverse V4?
New Warmup area big boulder straight up V5?
New Warmup area first boulder overhang V5?
two failed attempts on Tsunami V7 (but oh so close both times)
Stewart's Roof V5
The Nick V6
Stickman left exit V4
LOL =) (I guess V5)
Locksmith finish on Masterlock V6?
Got Your Back V4
and three laps on The Pit V5

Thanks so much to Aaron for the video! Aaron did some hard problems too, though we didn't capture any for posterity. Eric also did The Nick V6, which was his second 6 outside, way to go E!

Go here for a full screen video.

I did order a flip camera like two months ago and its been on back order since, wish I could have gotten more video this season, oh well...