Best of May Climbing Videos

If you take a look at the URL, you'll notice its changed. I've registered a hostname and "rebranded" the blog. Hope you like it. June best of is on the way.

A Day in Yosemite

Not even much climbing in this video, but its so well done, and Yosemite is so gorgeous...

Boulder World Cup Stop 1 - Greifense
The first in a series of really nice videos covering the World Cup competition.

Boulder World Cup Stop 2 - Vienna

The Sends: The Mother Superior
A 8B FA in Sweden, this is from a full length film. Great boulder, nice interview.

High Sierra Blocs Part 1
Part 2
I'm not sure exactly where this is, maybe Way Lake, but it looks awesome, and I wanna go!

Carlos Traversi Sends Jade
Obligatory. Interestingly, this bloc is settling at V14, maybe high end =).