Best of April Climbing Videos

Big Ass Campus Dyno


Colette McInerney at Diverse

Diverse was a serious hot spot for Americans this past fall. Daniel Woods, Joe Kinder, and Colette McInerney all spent time there in the fall, among many Europeans of course. This video shows off the "easy" route at the wall - 8a/+ Satanique. Sweet line, and Colette makes it look good.

Lynn Hill in Hueco

A few things strike me about this video - 1. DOES LYNN HILL NOT HAVE SHOE SPONSOR??? She's wearing 5.10's and La Sportivas in this video. I find this unbelievable. 2. She makes V12 look ridiculously easy. 3. The quality of the video is outstanding, and I could watch Lynn Hill climb all day. Great video all around.

Chris Lindner and Kurt Smith in J-Tree

Chris Lindner doing a ridiculous looking route in Joshua Tree. This really can give you an appreciation for how hard people have been climbing for a long time now. The route features one of the weirdest moves I've ever seen.

More from Hueco

This video features maybe the two best V2's in the world, and one of the better V5's around.

Bonus video - Lynn Hill and Katie Brown team up in Yosemite

Here's a great look at some bad ass rock climbing in Yosemite, really nice camera work, nice voice overs. This is from 2005.