Its been a surreal week for me, I was so busy preparing for my move that it isn't until now that I've been able to reflect on what exactly what is happening. I had a nice midnight jog and I passed so many familiar elements of my life in Raleigh - drunks at Rum Runners (ugh), late night burgers at Mojo's, Mike's car wash (his guys were out doing parking), Berkley Cafe - the owner Jim was hanging out outside. It felt like the city was saying goodbye.

Now preparations are over, and adventure begins with a 4:30 am wake up call, less than four hours from now. I depart for Mountain View at 6:40 am and I have until Tuesday night to find an apartment.

I red-eye Tuesday night to arrive in Raleigh Wednesday morning, and am immediately bouncing, with Taylor, right to Fayetteville for a couple days at the New, before the main event - the Red. Looks like its going to be a bit hot, but at least it'll be dry. If we can't take the heat we'll head out to Boulder early to catch some cooler temps. After Boulder we hit Maple Canyon, before a pitstop in Tahoe on the home stretch to Mountain View.

This is the beginning.