Best of March Climbing Videos

After furious months of January and February, the video front was a little slow in March. I imagine things will heat up in April with the onset of sport season.

Daniel Woods sends Desperanza

Not the greatest video, but such a notable send that it had to be included. Many have tried, only DW has sent - the "full" line of a tensiony, steep, power endurance climbing at the start, into a series of ridiculously small crimps, still on the roof, through the middle, and ending with a weird hang and drop.


Junior Sport Climbing Comp at Peak Experiences

Featuring TRC's own "Little Jason". If he can reach it, he can hold it! Bonus Little Jason video.

Ashima Shirashi on Power of Silence

An 8 year old sending V10! I don't think its the last we'll see of little Ashima.

Carlo Traversi on Black Lung

A nice video dealing with the prospect of projecting a very hard boulder problem.

Pretty great looking rock and problems. Good quality video that shows the full lines.

Watch Voges crush everything in site in Bishop.

Here's Daniel Woods on Barefoot on Sacred Ground, and Alex Puccio on Free Willy.

Sharma on a project in Spain. I find it inspirational to see people just going for it on super hard moves way above bolts!

Caldwell and Jorgeson back on the big wall.


  1. Oh, that's Nate from Raleigh Rock Yard in the Boone video?

    Desperanza is crazy.

    There might be something goofy going on with those last three links.

  2. yes indeed, that is Nate. haha, yeah you remember how small those holds are on that roof???

    Thanks for the catch on the last three links, the stupid blogger editor is not formatting the links correctly, will fix it presently.


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