Moore's Wall Warm Up Area

A weekend ago Chris and I went to Moore's Wall on a beautiful Sunday. The goals were Tsunami and the Vandal, but what I found interesting was the new-to-us "satellite" area off of the Sentinel Buttress trail. Immediately after the Tsunami trail on the right there is an obvious trail-side boulder which is OK for warming up for Tsunami. There are about four or five natural lines on this boulder alone, but the find was a bit further off the trail.

Just above this first boulder is an adjacent, shorter boulder, take a left straight off the trail and go directly behind this boulder. Follow a rough trail to a really cool looking boulder on the left which has some high lines on overhanging rock, we didn't climb these today but we want to another time.

Go around this first boulder to the right and follow a trail that goes up and across the ridge line. There is a very large and impressive boulder about 150 yards away. We didn't climb these either, but there are at least a few lines here. To the left and down hill a bit are a pair of boulders with great warm up problems.

The first boulder is smaller, has an unclimbably-low roof on the right, but a nice medium height overhanging jug wall on the left. There are two lines or so squeezed onto this face, with easy tops.

The second boulder is medium height, and has an approach-facing, vertical face on nice rock. The face is hard to miss, and offers great warm up problems with easy top outs. The walk off is cake. Its really the only wall in Moore's that I know like it, as far as having quality lines in the V0 and V1 range. The downhill side of this boulder is overhanging, and features amazing pinch holds formed by the vertical grain of the rock. There is a *great* V4 sit start here, that finished up and to the left. A straight up variation is the real line, but it was dirty and wet when we were there. We cleaned all the tops quite a bit, hopefully the rains have helped clean more.

I'm psyched to go to the Satellites (unless John already knows what they're called) next time I'm at Moore's, to warm up and climb on good rock!