Moore's Wall bouldering circuits

I'm trying to come up with some bouldering circuits for stamina training at Moore's Wall, I think there could be a circuit for each of the primary areas - main area, valley, 2 mile.

I'm trying to make my circuit a pyramid of 4's, 5's, 6's and one 7, so that would be 8 4's, 4 5's, 2 6's, 1 7

Main area circuit
  1. arete on house boulder V4
  2. Gabe's traverse V4
  3. Stewart's Roof V5
  4. The Nick V6
  5. Walker Texas Ranger V7
  6. Stickman V4
  7. LOL :) V5
  8. Gabe's Arete V4
  9. Lost Boyz V6
  10. Got Your Back V4
  11. V5P0 V5
  12. The Pit V5
  13. Hang and Drop on far left side of Masterlock boulder V4
  14. left of Piss and Vinegar V4
  15. arete on trailside boulder V4

Gabe's traverse is a contrived line that starts on the right side of the short wall on the house boulder (just left of the overhanging blunt arete), start on two sidepulls, make a crazy move over your head with the right hand to an obvious crimp, then continue left and up.

Gabe's arete is a silly little line that is on the left side of a wall that is up and to the right of Stickman. The wall is about 10 feet high and has 2 or 3 warm up problems, the arete line starts way down to the left in a kind of hole.

LOL :) is a line I did to the left of Stickman. I moved a big boulder out from that overhanging corner and it revealed a big ol' foot. The line starts on a right hand crimp, just to the left of the Stickman start, and a left hand micro crimp in the roof. It goes straight back with a left hand, then a big move to the stacked holds on Stickman, then directly overhead to the Stickman exit.

The trailside boulder is the one just off the trail up from Tsunami. The arete I'm referring to is the far left side, low ball start with a couple of interesting moves to a top out through some rhodo biz.

Please correct me if these lines have been done before!

JP suggested adding the Hustler to the circuit, I personally am not a fan, and I believe its a 5, which we've already filled the quota for 5's. Might be a good alternate 5 for some folks.

JP also suggested Anna Pornikova, I'm not familiar with this line.

Valley circuit
  1. Turdslinger V4
  2. right of Turdslinger (Jay-Z?) V4 (V5?)
  3. Triple-X V4
  4. Boylove V5
  5. Iron Chuff V4
  6. Proper Modulation (sit) V6
  7. Vandal squat V7
  8. Menudo V5
  9. Stu's Face V5

I think I downgraded Triple-X here... Where's Stu's face (left of norskisist)?

need help! still needs - 4 4's, 1 5, 1 6

2 Mile circuit

1. Circus Roof V4
2. Mr Roboto V4
3. Nice 'un V4
4. right of offwidth on Euro Wall V5
5. Control V6
6. stuff on Stigmata boulder

need lots of help!


  1. Adam Tripp has suggested for the main area -

    Duck Soup V5/V6
    Zen Spasm V7
    The Ramp V8

    Scary slab to the left of got your back (what's this called?) V5

    I'd say these are good alternates but do not help with filling in the final V4's!

    More problems for the 2 Mile area - the stuff on the back of the Stigmata boulder, I'm not at all familiar with these, can somebody break them down?

  2. Another alternate V6 for the main area - the Duck Soup Traverse. Start on Duck Soup, go right and up, exit at the far end of the boulder.

  3. Some possible additions for the 2 Mile circuit, but they would add some hiking!

    Kimbo Slice V5
    some easy variation of Octagon V7? - starting from the far left side and just traversing the problem?

  4. Also for the 2 mile area, there is a V5 problem on the Euro Wall just to the right of the big off width crack.

  5. Here's some of what I got - you'll have to sort it out for your circuit.
    more main area -
    gravity cavity v5/6 - up high
    v4 hang-and-drop left of piss and vinegar.
    the shermanator hang and drop v5/6

    valley -
    iron chuff v4
    menudo v5/6
    proper mod v5
    norskisist v5
    stu's face (just right of norskisist) v5

    2 mile
    nice'un v4
    nice'un straight up v3/4
    CONTROL v6
    circus roof v4

  6. John thanks, I added the problem left of Piss and Vinegar, that one you can actually top out on that ledge though. Maybe you are thinking of the hang and drop on the next (Masterlock) boulder, I've added that to the circuit as well, and that satisfies the main area circuit.

  7. Since exploring the new warm up area (check the blog post), we can add several quality lines in the 4-6 range, and actually make a pretty hard Tsunami area circuit.

    tennis shoes warm up on the big boulder above the fire road (before the Sentinel trail)

    1. Gym Rat Kevin V4
    2. right of Gym Rat Kevin V5
    3. vertical problem that finished left of peak of adjacent boulder V3
    4. traverse problem on adjacent boulder V5
    5. left of first arete (arete on first boulder at new warm up area) V5
    6. Tsunami V7
    7. Rogue Wave V7

    after that you can finish off at the Valley or the Main Area, one or two more V4's or V5's would make for a pretty good moderate to advanced circuit.


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