Best of January Climbing VIdeos

Dead Point Magazine relaunched their Web site at the start of the New Year, and with it they released a ton of new videos! Sick! With the flood of videos DPM dominates the top video list for January.

Joe Kinder - Down in Flames

Joe Kinder has been in Hueco, I guess to escape the cold, but surprisingly to me, he sounds like he has rediscovered bouldering and is psyched on it! This video is him sending a problem "for a route climber" as Joe said on his blog. Its long, its got super cool moves, its V12, the video is simple, nuff said.

Moore's Wall Classics

Representing my home city and gym, Louder Than 11 produced this excellent short featuring three classic Rodney Biddle lines - Orange Crush, Tsunami, and The Vandal. Rodney is in the vid speaking and climing, the other climbers are Rami Annab and Nate Draughn.

Organic Beer

Sick problem at the Gunks.

Carlo Traversi in Arkansas

Here's a nice video of Carlo Traversi on a couple of Fred's Cave lines and something else. The shots give a good feeling for what the cave feels like, and how the problems climb.

Paul Robinson in Arkansas

Here's a short that shows Paul Robinson on a couple of hard Arkansas problems. The shots of Wood Grain Grippin' really give an appreciation for the bloc.

Daniel Woods in Europe

Here's Daniel Woods doing a hard FA in Austria, and then a couple other cool problems.

Jamie Emerson's Switzerland Part I
Jamie Emerson's Switzerland Part ][

You may remember that Jamie Emerson went on a several weeks long trip to Switzerland last year, hes putting up leftover footage in three parts on his blog.

Iron Palm Open

A pull up contest at the Hueco Rock Ranch put on by Jason Kehl, an entertaining video.

I'd love to climb at the Hollow Mountain Cave in the Grampians in Australia at some point in my life. The thing is crazy. Impressive problems, but V15? Come on! Give it a route grade...

BONUS! This one was originally up on Momentum Video Magazine a year or so ago, cool video, and that sloper is HUGE!